Nep Sidhu - Quazarz Pinball Arcade with Security and Leisure Enhancement Console (When My Drums Come Knocking, They Watch).

For this project, I worked closely with artist nep sidhu and ishmael butler (of shabazz palaces) to create a fully functional pinball machine, including a totally re-imagined sound scape using a combination of sources, including original sounds created by me.

from later - lonely arcade

This track is the first instalment of the "From Later" project, set in The Lonely Arcade - an abundant, AI-and-robotics-enabled, post-work, leisure society where humans struggle to find fulfillment as there is not much need for human labor. Through the mysterious and soulful lyrics, the singer tries to find meaning and self-realization in a world where there are just a few jobs left for humans, overtaken by an Artificial Intelligence.

Report on Softness

“Report on Softness” - Half research project, half art show, this was a collaboration between three friends, in an effort to better understand people’s concept of “soft”. I created a number of pieces, both physical and sonic for this show many years ago, which I will be happy to describe to you in detail since the original site is now lost to the tides of the internet.