Gavin Whelehan is a music producer, sound designer, audio engineer and artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

Early in his career, Gavin honed his ear as an engineer, songwriter, and producer at Grayson Matthews in Toronto. For 7 years he wrote, produced, and engineered thousands of pieces of music and sound design for film, television, and multimedia for a broad range of clients including top global ad agencies, media production companies, and indie film directors.

As a freelancer since 2015, Gavin’s CV has expanded to include:

  • Album production

  • Mixing/mastering

  • Film scoring

  • Sound design

  • Sketch comedy album recording, audio design and production

  • Installation art/new media

  • Event coordination

Gavin’s greatest pleasure is in collaborating with other artists. He has worked with a wide variety of talents including fine artists Nep Sidhu, Rajni Perera, and Alex McLeod, musical artists Joseph of Mercury, DATU, TiKA, film makers and animators such as Thought Café, Headgear Animation, Sammy Rawal, and Sara Elgamal, as well as comedians The Templeton Philharmonic, Tony Ho, and Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll.

Gavin is a founder of the popular “Practice” series held at the Drake Hotel for the past 4 years, stewarding a platform to highlight a diverse cast of the best instrumentalists in Toronto, with improvised music as the centrepiece. With Practice, Gavin and his partners have fostered relationships with an array of brands and organizations including Red Bull Music, Women in Music Canada, The Royal Ontario Museum, Manifesto, and The Drake Hotel.